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Welcome one another just as Christ has welcomed you. — Romans 15:7

You are warmly invited to DREAM BIG and help FCC create a hospitable and inclusive environment where people can build community and experience God’s love! 

We are a welcoming community building belonging, building together, building faith & building joy. 

The Journey

Our journey began in 2017 with the kitchen renovation committee, initially focusing on functionality. Over time, our vision expanded. What if Carter Hall became a warmer, inviting hub, fostering community for both members and our broader community? This led to the decision to transform not just the kitchen but Carter Hall entirely. 

Despite challenges, including the unexpected pandemic pause, our commitment remained. In 2022, feedback emphasized the importance of a welcoming atmosphere, prompting the building committee to expand the project’s scope. After careful consideration and consultations, we engaged Justin Lowe of Centric Architecture in 2023.

We want Carter Hall and the main entryways to communicate a sense of unconditional love and welcome to all who walk through our doors, whether for worship, for food assistance, for fellowship, or for any other event in this space! 

The Scope

Area 1

Entry hallway & Carter Hall

Area 2

Kitchen & pantry area

Area 3

Existing restrooms

Area 4

Copy room/new restrooms

Area 5

Exterior to Carter Hall

The Vision

•Windows & new door

•Vinyl flooring with carpet inset in center

•Ceiling configured for acoustics

•Vinyl flooring

Coffee bar outside kitchen

•Large center table

•Accordion wall to separate spaces


•Moved to opposite side of Carter Hall

•Door access into grocery

•Built-in shelving along wall

Rolling wall can push in for larger gathering space

•Storage room built in at end of grocery space

•Ceiling with wood beams

•Ceramic tile flooring with vinyl inlay

•Doors to Carter Hall removed for large, welcoming space upon entry


•Kitchen fixtures & surfaces updated with nonslip flooring

•New pantry cabinets


•New bathroom fixtures, paint, flooring

•Two single-person restrooms added at back of library, access outside of sanctuary


•Windows & storefront entrance added

•Signage added at new entry area

•Patio area for more usable outdoor space

Building Community Together

You can make a gift, helping to build a wider welcome, right here.

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