Children are fully welcomed to all parts of the life of First Christian Church. We work hard to provide faith development and fellowship for children, as well as opportunities for multi-generational events. Rest assured that when worshiping at First Christian your baby’s cries and your children’s giggles will be welcomed!

Below are just a few ministries for children at FCC. FCC also offers several special events throughout the year, including Trunk or Treat, Vacation Bible School, Easter Egg Hunt, and more!

Bible Musketeers

Third- through fifth-graders enjoy a unique opportunity for faith development, friendship, and fun through the Bible Learning Musketeers. The group meets monthly following second service, and events often include ice cream! This is a great way for young people to get involved before they begin youth group in the sixth grade. 

Prayer Partners

At FCC, every baby, child, and youth receives an adult prayer partner. The adult prayer partner prays for the person assigned to him or her, and the exciting gift is the relationship built among different generations. Often the prayer partner will send cards and/or small gifts as a reminder that thoughts and prayers are being offered. Once a year there is a light breakfast celebration for all prayer partners.

Milestone Ministries

When a child is dedicated to the church, he or she receives a faith chest that contains a candle for the light God has given to that child, a crocheted blanket made by one of the members of the church, a small book appropriate to the child’s age, and a certificate of dedication. The faith chest will hold important things for the child’s faith development throughout his or her life.

Children who come into the church when their families join also receive faith chests.

Church Camp

We encourage our children to attend camp at Wakon’ Da-Ho, which is a Disciples of Christ camp located in central Kentucky. For more information about outdoor ministries in our region, click here. All information for Church Camp 2022 is available here.




The children in the nursery are lovingly cared for during worship services by assigned volunteers. The nursery is found in “Crossroads,” on the top floor.

  • Drop off for the Nursery is at the door by the elevator only. 

  • You will be asked to fill out a Parent/Child Information Form each year. This detailed document will inform the Nursery Caregivers of any information and special needs your child may have (food allergies, emergency contacts, who may or may not pick up your child).  This information will be viewed by the Nursery Staff only.

  • There is a weekly sign-in/sign-out form! This will serve as a quick reference so the Nursery Caregivers can easily and quickly take care of your children’s needs to your specifications on that particular day.

Children Worship & Wonder

Encouraging children to be themselves and love God, Worship and Wonder is available every Sunday during worship service. Children from 3 years old to 2nd grade are invited to participate. This worship is an exciting way to approach faith formation with children.

Each child is a spiritual being who has a unique relationship with God. Through the stories and actions of Children Worship and Wonder, children learn about God as they experience God. They hear Bible stories in a way that allows them to enter into the stories through their own life experiences.

Here is what happens weekly in Worship & Wonder:

  1. Children are invited to Worship and Wonder during worship in the Sanctuary. With adult supervision, children line up and walk to the Children Worship and Wonder Room. They line up outside the room. If they want they may remove their shoes and leave an offering in the basket as they enter one at a time.
  2. They sit in a circle and after a greeting they sing church songs of their choice.
  3. They hear a Bible story.
  4. They have a reflection time (individual activity).
  5. They clean up and return to the circle.
  6. They have an offering, hear a scripture, and pray for the feast.
  7. They have a “feast.”
  8. They receive a blessing individually before going home with their families.

*In the fall, children hear stories from the Old Testament. In December, there are Advent stories. After Advent, the children hear stories about Jesus, parables, and stories about the ministry of Jesus including Easter stories. Pentecost and Baptism finish the year. Children hear inspiring books in the summer.

We have two groups of children meeting for Worship and Wonder which gives both groups more room. Stories are from “Young Children and Worship” by Sonja M. Stewart and Jerome W. Berryman.

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